With over 13 years experience in mobile welding and fabrication services in the Redlands area.....

We provide professional welding services to Brisbane and Bayside areas.

Based in Birkdale in the Redlands Queensland area, we currently service the Brisbane and surrounding areas including Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. We offer a range of welding and fabrication including stainless steel, aluminium welding, balustrade and hand rail work among others.  Check out our services page for more detail!


We offer mobile welding and fabrication both on and offsite as needed.

As a mobile welding/fabrication business, we are happy to work onsite to complete your project.  However, we understand that onsite work may not suit you.  For this reason we have a workshop on Brisbane's south side where we can complete your project offsite.  Come and take a look at some of our recent work.


We have extensive experience with mining and earth moving equipment.  It's our specialty.

We have over six years experience working onsite in the coal and gas mining industries, including completing earth moving equipment repairs and modications.  This includes cast steel welding, excavator bucket repairs and welding, bulldozer bucket repairs, hardfacing and more. We also have experience with fabrication and welding in the transport industry.  Whilst these are our specialist areas, we love to work on a wide range of projects.